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My Story

Hi there, I'm Danielle! a web and UX designer based in the beautiful city of Brno in the Czech Republic.

My focus has always been on creating exceptional experiences that truly resonate with people. I believe in diving deep into understanding their perspectives, predicting their needs, and tailoring every interaction to suit them personally.

My journey into the digital realm began during the challenging times of Covid. As the world shifted, so did my career path. Coming from a background in hospitality, I found myself drawn to the blend of creativity, planning, and human connection inherent in UX/UI design. It just felt right.

After relocating to the Czech Republic, an exciting opportunity to join a B2B startup came my way. Despite the busy schedule, I never stopped studying. Whether it was attending professional events or practicing in my spare time, I was dedicated to deepening my knowledge and skills. I've also delved into the world of web design. Combining my UX expertise with a passion for creating unforgettable digital experiences, I find true fulfillment in crafting interfaces that not only look great but also prioritize client, their users and making a positive impact on their lives.

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