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Image by Nicole Herrero


Picnickers mobile application allows tourists and locals alike to connect on a picnic set as they provide a safe environment with a light and fun atmosphere where everyone can feel welcome to share their interests, cultures, and food. It’s about creating connections and memorable experiences by sharing a meal in the open air.


User interviews, Competitive Analysis, Site Map

Image by Maranda Vandergriff

User Interviews

In the discovery phase of my project, 8 user interviews were conducted.

The aim was to find out if people struggled to meet new people, what are their pain points and how this app can help them.

​Interviews were conducted with open-ended questions such as:

  • "What associations come to mind when thinking about meeting new people?"

  • "What is your biggest challenge when meeting new people?"

  • "In what kind of situations or environments do you prefer to meet people?"

  • "Have you ever used websites/apps to meet people?"

  • "What do you think will help to feel more comfortable with new interactions?"

    After gathering all the details and analyzing them I formed the following personas.

Competitive Analysis

I analyzed popular apps that are similar in their idea or features based on their advantages, and disadvantages while exploring them first-hand.  I reviewed Couchsurfing, Meetup, Eatwith, Airbnb Experiences and Facebook Events and reached the following conclusions:


Site Map

Understanding and outline the user flow from start to finish is key for an intuitive and easy user experience. This is the final result.


User Testing

Five usability studies have been conducted to see if the website has all the functions it needs and if it's easy to navigate. Their ages ranged between 23 to 39, three females and two males, from four different countries.

First, the five-second test to assess how well the current design quickly communicates its message.

Then I asked them to perform two tasks so I could assess how easy it is for participants to complete each task in the design and how real users interact with it. The tasks were:

  • Search and join a picnic in Spain as a new user (non-registered)

  • Create a new picnic (as a registered user)

After the test, I asked each participant a few open-ended questions and to rate between 1-5 statements which concluded to these results:


of participants understood the application concept from the 5 seconds test.


understood easily the process of searching and joining picnics.


thought the process of creating a picnic is too long 


liked the option to see the weather when creating a new picnic 
(Functional Delight)


Felt that the articles tab is unnecessary 


are interested in continue using this application

Visual Design

Brand Personality

Picnickers is designed for real connections between people to form a live community.

Brand Attributes

Friendly, fun, simple.


I chose my main color blue for everybody to connect with it while providing a sense of tranquility and credibility.

The secondary color is orange, representing a warm, inviting, and fun association.




Clean and intuitive homepage will allows users to access everything they needs, navigation is easy and approachable.

Convenient Search

Search pages can be overloaded with information and UI so I made an easy division between the picnic list and filters to help users to focus and keep it user-friendly.



Creating a picnic event can feel stressful and tiring. I wanted to to show users that this process is simple and therefore encourage them to create their own picnics and take part in the community.

Tracking Widget

To make users more engaged and anticipated for their picnic events I designed a widget to track and get notified for every message, notification, and joined picnicker.

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