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Prague with Dor


"Prague with Dor" is a website of one of the leading tour guides in Prague for Israelis and the Jewish community.

Dor's previous website suffered from outdated design and UX flaws, hindering potential clients from seamlessly booking tours and accessing information.

The goal was to revamp the website with a modern yet refined aesthetic, prioritizing intuitive navigation. The redesigned website aims to facilitate easy booking for group and private tours while also highlighting Dor's extensive knowledge and experience as a seasoned tour guide and historian through engaging articles and blogs.

Old Design

In the old design, many important links were not accessible through top navigation, and were hidden within the content. 


The design prioritizes seamless navigation, ensuring that users can readily access all essential resources while fostering an inviting and approachable atmosphere reflective of Dor's brand ethos.

New Design

Through speaking with Dor and researching his target audience, I was able to identify the website focus, workflow, content, features and simplify and organize the information accordingly.

Keeping in line with the brand's values, the objective was to craft a homepage that not only exudes cleanliness and intuitiveness but also reflects the commitment to provide an enriching and immersive experience.

Visual Design & Branding

Brand Personality

Prague with Dor transcends being merely a tour platform; it serves as an educational hub about Prague and the Czech Republic, led by a passionate guide deeply immersed in the local culture, dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences.

Brand Attributes

Inspiration, expertise, and tradition.

Colors and Fonts

In crafting the visual identity, a contemporary and vibrant color palette was selected to evoke modernity and dynamism, while the choice of fonts embodies a sense of tradition and conservatism. This harmonious blend captures the essence of the brand's personality.

Screenshot 2024-03-20 110242.png

Logo Design

Prague with Dor Logos (1).png

The Prague with Dor logo encapsulates the essence of the brand in a captivating visual representation.


At its core stands the iconic Prague Powder Tower, an enduring symbol of the city's rich history and architectural marvels. Nestled within its intricate outlines are the distinctive patterns of a fingerprint, meticulously crafted to symbolize Dor's personalized approach to guiding, leaving an indelible mark on every tour experience.


This fusion of the city's landmarks with the unique imprint of Dor's tours embodies his commitment to delivering bespoke, unforgettable adventures to each client.

Mobile Responsiveness

Most of the client who will come to this website will do so using a smartphone, therefore a responsive and fully compatible with smartphone and tablet screens are needed so that all surfers enjoy a maximum user experience.

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